THE LIPS – ULTIMATE Face Aesthetics Masterclass

Welcome in Marseilles

Dear colleagues,
It is our great pleasure to invite you to  attend our next Face Aesthetic Masterclass in Marseille – France, next friday October 14th 2022. This workshop is one of the 4 Face Aesthetic Masterclasses that are run in Marseille, Nice and Bordeaux (France)  every year:

This second session deals with the LIPS and the lower third of the face.

This Marseille edition  will specifically focus on the lips, peri-oral area, jawline and lower third of the face such as neck and décolleté.  All innovation (new HA, electronic injection, threads…) will be discussed.

Seats available are very limited to allow attendees to share their experience with experts: optimum learning for best practice!

The venue is the Institut Euro Méditerranéen de Chirurgie Esthétique et Plastique in Marseille center where conferences and live demo are scheduled.

With a busy harbor and a vibrant urban energy, Marseilles appeals to visitors seeking an authentic tourist experience. This cosmopolitan city is France’s oldest and the second largest after Paris and has much to offer, from ancient history and cultural diversity to gorgeous seaside scenery. Everywhere in Marseille, visitors are close to the serene blue waters – whether walking along a charming old street with a view, or feeling the refreshing sea breeze.

Our objective is to help you improve your daily  practice after the workshop, and get your certification by attending the 4 clinical Masterclasses to become an expert!

You will definitely remember this  workshop as it is part of the Face Aesthetic Masterclass tour: great quality of speakers and scientific program, great venue.

We are looking forward to  seeing you in Marseille next October !

Best wishes,

Jérôme Paris, Frédéric Braccini

Face masteclass Marseille

THE LIPS – ULTIMATE Face Aesthetics Masterclass

Session 2 : Lips and lower third of the face (peri-oral area, jawline, neck and decoletté)

Scientific direction
F Braccini & J Paris

Scientific organization
F Braccini, F Giausseran, J Paris


Frédéric BRACCINI (Facial Plastic Surgeon, Nice)

Céline DELLA VOLPE (Facial Plastic Surgeon, Marseille)

Fabien GIAUSSERAN (Aesthetic doctor, Lille)

Viktor GLADKO (Dermatologist, Moscow, Russie)

Keanthi KARRA (Plastic Surgeon,Marseille)

Nicolas LARI (Facial Plastic Surgeon, Marseille)

Albertine MARCHADIER (Plastic Surgeon,Marseille)

Jérôme PARIS (Facial Plastic Surgeon, Marseille)

Philippe PICCERELLE (Pharmacologist, Marseille)

Institut Euro Méditerranéen de Chirurgie Esthétique et Plastique
13 rue Roux de Brignoles
13006 Marseille, France


Marseille (1 day, LIPS session)

Limited seats

Until September 15th 2022 September 16th – October 10th From October 11th
Marseille session – on-line registration (distanciel) 300,00 € 350,00 € 400,00 €
Marseille session – on-site registration (présentiel) 990,00 € 1 200,00 € 1 300,00 €

(Including lunch, conferences and demo)

To attend this workshop, please contact the event agency  :
41 Rue Docteur Morucci
Tél : 04 91 37 50 83
Website :